Heading out for an early-morning tow, Passamaquoddy Bay

Plankton sampling

Ichthyoplankton (fish eggs and larvae) and zooplankton sampling is conducted using a General Oceanics 61cm diameter bongo net frame equipped with two 333μm mesh nets.  General Oceanics Model 2030 flowmeters attached to the bongo net frame are used to determine volume and velocity of flow through the nets.  A YSI 6600 sonde is attached to the tow cable immediately above the bongo net frame to provide real-time confirmation of tow depth and collect water quality data during each tow.  Ichthyoplankton samples are processed and identified by Dr. Lou Van Guelpen of the Atlantic Reference Centre, Huntsman Marine Science Centre, St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada and zooplankton samples are processed by Ray Gerber, PhD., Acadia Productions, Brunswick, Maine.

Bongo nets ready for deployment