Measuring eelgrass shoot length,
Bar Harbor, ME

Eelgrass reproductive shoot with seed pods
Bar Harbor, ME 2006

Eelgrass delineation and sampling

MER conducts eelgrass habitat delineation using a combination of low-altitude aerial photography, on-site GPS, and in situ subtidal diver groundtruthing documented with video and still photography.  MER also conducts eelgrass sampling for measurement of shoot length, shoot density, and biomass calculation.

MER has worked on eelgrass delineation and samling associated with a marina dredging project Bar Harbor, Maine, a Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (IF&W) boat launch facility in Brunswick, Maine, and a U.S. Coast Guard facility expansion in Newcastle, New Hampshire. All of the projects involved baseline surveys and data collection and two involved the development and implementation of monitoring and impact mitigation programs.


High definition video capture of delineation transect starting point