Sampling top water layer with neuston net, 2009

Towing neuston net in Passamaquoddy Bay, 2008

Lobster larvae sampling

Lobster larvae go through four planktonic stages before reaching the benthic post-larval stage. Larval Stages II and III are very difficult to find, but Stages I and IV are found predominantly within the top meter of water and a neuston net is therefore used to sample for them.  MER uses a General Oceanics 1300μm mesh net affixed to a 2m by 0.75m aluminum frame.  The frame is buoyed to maintain the top of the frame above the water surface during towing.  The frame is equipped with a General Oceanics Model 2030 flowmeter to determine volume and velocity of flow through the net.  Stage I through IV lobster larvae are identified in-house by MER.  Benthic post-larvae (Stage V) lobsters are sampled using suction samplers operated by SCUBA divers.



Stage IV lobster larvae