In situ benthic infauna sample collection

Partially picked benthic infauna sample

Benthic infauna

MER processes and identifies benthic infauna samples at the 500μm and 1.0mm mesh level with identification to at least the family-level; usually to the genus-level, and for the more common taxa, to the species-level.  With over 2000 samples processed to-date, MER has identified 400+ taxa, many of which are held in our reference collection. MER has developed proprietary spreadsheets that calculate abundance.01, percent species-specific dominance, taxa richness, Shannon-Weiner diversity (H), and relative diversity (J).  MER also uses Systat®11.0, Microsoft®Excel®, and Primer®v6 (ver 6.1.5.) software (Clarke and Gorley, 2006), and for statistical analyses of benthic infauna, sediment granulometry, and sediment chemistry.

Benthic grab using Ponar sampler